Budapest Bistro

The Budapest Bistro is a nice, small, and elegant Café with charm of the old times of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.


The Café closes early (18:00 / 6 pm) but offers its breakfast for a good price and serves it all day long until it closes in the evening.



The coffee is excellent and the pastries as well and you enjoy it surrounded by a vintage atmosphere.


The owner is a nice Hungarian who likes to talk with his guests when they are not busy using the Cafe’s free WiFi. The staff is friendly. The Café is owned and run by a Hungarian who is very nice and interested in that you have a great stay at his place.

The Bottom Line: When you are in Vienna I can recommend to spend an hours or two in the Budapest Bistro, this nice little Café in the heart of Vienna’s 5th district, located in the Pilgramgasse 10, Vienna 1050.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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