Feel Like an Aristocrat in Konzert Café Schwarzenberg

The Konzert Café Schwarzenberg is one of Vienna’s top-notch coffee houses in which you truly experience the full elegance of Vienna’s Coffee House Culture (VCHC) and the charm of the old times in all its glory.

The Café Schwarzenberg is located on The Ring encircling the City Center, the famous and glamorous 1st district.

It’s more a fine dining Café-Restaurant than anything else and so there is an implicit dress code if you want to get proper treatment by the waiters (Herr Ober).

You will search in vain for WiFi and plugs as things like these wasn’t existing when our dear emperor was still in charge.

For sure they have some attitude there but the Café Schwarzenberg is among Vienna’s most elegant and traditional coffee houses with imperial and aristocratic flair (atmosphere) to enjoy.

This reflects in the prices of the dishes, toasts, sandwiches, tarts, coffees, and teas etc. the Café Schwarzenberg offers to its guests. In other words the prices are in the upper segment for Viennese coffee houses but you get high quality for the eyes and for the taste.

Oh and here is what I had in the Konzert Café Schwarzenberg:


Sitting in one of the cute niches I had my Belegtes Brot (Traditional Austrian Sandwich with brown bread, ham, salami, cheese, eggs, pickles, cherry tomato, and parsley). And for the drink I decided to have the at the same time popular and traditional Austrian Herb Lemonade: The Almdudler.
And for those of you who ask themselves what this wooden stick is for in the back of the Almdudler. It’s the handle of one of the many news papers waiting to be read in this coffee house.

And by the way, I really recommend to try my favorite tart at Café Schwarzenberg if you are into pistachio cream covered with marzipan: The Mozart Torte (hint: it’s the flamboyant green one in the Tart Showcase what catches your eye on the first moment).

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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