25 Years Vienna Film Festival

We have entered the final phase of the Vienna Film Festival which has its 25 anniversary this year.

The Vienna Film Festival is a great institution and takes place on every night (till midnight) from the beginning of July until the beginning of September (this year till September 6th…so there is still some days of program left).

The festival features an eclectic program of records of classical music, musicals and pop in order to entertain tourists and locals at the same time. The people devoted to the music are sitting in a huge amphitheater right in front of the Rathaus (Viennese City Hall) watching and listening to the singers and opera stars presented to them on the screen.


The picture above shows the full dimension of the Vienna Film Festival: The Rathaus (Vienna City Hall) in the far background, between the amphitheater (if you look closer and enlarge the picture you will recognize a line of the presented record of an Eric Clapton Live-Concert) and in the front at the pavilion and to its left and right there is a huge food court with more than 20 stands presenting food from around the world such as:

Australian (La Mia) featuring Kangaroo Filet,

American (Hannersberger),

Moroccan (Nane),

Croatian (Kornat) featuring Sea Food,

Steaks (Himmelpforte),

Persian (Hafes),

French (Le Salzgries),

Italian (Pasta Pasta),

Three Asian stands (Yellow, Ra’mien, Do & Co),

Greek (Odysseus),

Indian (Koh-I-Noor),

Three Austrians (Wiener Rathauskeller, Gelbmanns Gaststube, Nigls Gastwirtschaft) etc.

All the mentioned and those not mentioned present main dishes and desserts from their cultures.

Of course tastes differ but I personally can recommend the following dishes at the certain stands:

The Indian Koh-I-Noor:


My Chicken Tikka Masala (above) with Safran Rice and Naan is super delicious and a little spicy as it is supposed to be at the Indian. Considering the location the prices are definitely reasonable.

What’s super delicious too is the Persian stand called Hafes:


On the photo above you see the Djudje Kabab (Chicken Kebab) served with fruity in taste barberry rice, fresh salad, tomato, and a refreshing yoghurt sauce.

Or if you are into Minced/Ground Meat served with barberry rice, salad, tomato, and yoghurt sauce try the delicious Kubideh Kabab as below:


And if you are into a lot of meat go for the Greek Odysseus:


When ordering the Gyros at the Odysseus stand you get plenty of meat for your money. As the picture above shows, you get lots of meat on a pita (bread) served with onions, tomatoes, and tzatziki (yoghurt sauce with cucumber and garlic).

The Bottom Line: So whatever your taste looks like, the Vienna Film Festival (taking place on Rathausplatz) is a great summer event lasting every day/night (you get food until 00:00) foot two months to entertain you not only with music shows but also giving you the opportunity to have a look on what you get in the restaurants the stands represent since you see the BBQs and the woks right in front of you and choose whatever looks tasty for you. The Vienna Film Festival is the main music-food event in summer in Vienna.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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