The Maredo Steakhouse – An Excellent Steak-Experience

The Maredo is a German steakhouse chain right on the opposite of the Wiener Staatsoper (Viennese State Opera). So if you want to sit in the patio you will definitely have a great panorama while enjoying your meal.

Inside Maredo it feels more like an American steakhouse atmosphere with a big hall, a salad buffet in the center, and nice music playing in the background.


The ceiling is definitely a nice-to-watch feature of this restaurant. And the many little niches make it cosy and comfortable to sit in.


And there is even a stony wall pretending you are right in the middle of a jungle or such. Have a look:


When it comes to the meals the Maredo serves delicious food of high quality, and at lunch time (at Maredo until 17:00 / 5 pm) you get more than reasonable offers considering the restaurant is located in the 1st district, Vienna’s city center.

The staff is very friendly and willing to help and the restaurant is open until midnight.
Unfortunately you search in vain for plugs or WiFi for your devices.

I ordered the Lunch Classic and got a Beef Point Steak and a Chicken Breast (both steaks of high quality) with Potato Wedges, Salad and Tomato, and Sour Cream. Also try the tasty Chimi-Churri Sauce. And the bread is included in the price.


The close-up:


The Bottom Line: So going out to the Maredo Steakhouse (located in Opernring 3-5, in 1010 Vienna) is a great experience with excellent quality of the meat and the side dishes. And if you even manage to have your lunch at Maredo Steak-Restaurant it’s well worth the money.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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