It’s All About Soup Culture

The Soupkultur is a cosy, nice and friendly soup restaurant with some chairs and tables inside as well as outside.


If you sit in the patio you happen to sit right next to the Vienna Stock Exchange with the traded index, the ATX. So expect to see some of the hardworking people from the stock exchange strengthening themselves during soup rush hours.

The Soupkultur opens Mondays to Fridays at 11:30 and close early so make sure to be there before 15:30 (3:30 pm) and at Fridays even before 15:00 (3:00 pm).


Unfortunately there are no plugs or WiFi. So you will search in vain for these assets in the spartan and functional interior. But even if you have sold your last socks (sorry stocks) at the Vienna Stock Exchange it’s a good choice to spend your last bucks in the Soupkultur close by.

The Soupkultur offers a variety of soups from around the world which changes frequently and reaches from African to Indian flavors and many more fit reasonable prices.

Although the Soupkultur doesn’t show it in its name, also a variety of interesting fusion salads is offered here.

The soup I have is the African soup, a pumpin-potato soup with cumin and lemon.


The soup is tasty and rich in flavor, feels healthy, and you can have it with healthy bread as a side dish.

The Bottom Line:
The Soupkultur is a nice little midday bistro specialized in serving various healthy and tasty soups with healthy brown bread as well as a variety of fusion salads. So if you are into soups which strengthen you on your day trips through the city center the Soupkultur (located in the Wipplingerstrasse 32, in 1010 Vienna) is a good stopover.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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