The Vollpension – Where Granny Loves You

The Vollpension has everything what my style and chill searching heart is longing for. This Café has it all: It’s cosy, comfortable and elegant at the same time and it’s located close to the famous Naschmarkt.


The name “Vollpension” is a German term and means “all-inclusive”.

So here in this vintage-café embodying the perfect synthesis of a chillout oasis of Starbucks and the elegance of a traditional Viennese Coffee House you get all-in-one.


The close-up:


That’s the view into the whole Café:


The Vollpension is a self-service coffee house, with very friendly staff, offering a variety of Austrian coffees, sandwiches, lemonades, Austrian cakes and tartes (which Granny made for you) all for reasonable prices, accompanied by real great music playing in the background…so the playlist is mainly full of the evergreens of all decades, the all-time favorites, and at times simply excellent chillout-lounge music.

All this comes into play here at the Vollpension making you feel that “Granny Loves You”-Feeling, as the slogan goes on the menu of the Vollpension: “Oma hat dich lieb!” (Granny Loves You!).


Above you see my delicious coffee together with a chives sandwich.

And below also the yummy almond-cheese cake:


All this you enjoy in front of antique décor such as:


The furniture is from the old times and you feel like God in France sitting in these antique chattels and on the shelves besides news of the day you get not only magazines from the old days but also discover real postcards from real people sent to other real people from the 50ies for instance.


Above you see that also at the restrooms it’s all vintage here supported by magazines and accessories from the old times.


The only thing is that tall people once they are sitting in one of these old chairs and sofas might not get out easily anymore since people back then were smaller in average as nowadays and so  they constructed their furniture.

Having said that sitting in these vintage chairs and couches together with this good relaxing music you easily get into the flow leading to these white moments hard to get into in our stressful big city lives.


But be aware, Granny’s Vollpension doesn’t open on Mondays, though the opening hours are top-notch for a Viennese Coffee House lasting from Tuesday to Saturday until midnight and on Sundays till 20:00 (8 pm).

And by the way Oma (Granny) is open to new things as well. So she supports free WiFi.

The Bottom Line: So forget the hustle and bustle and chill in this elegant stylish cosy vintage Café called the Vollpension, located in the Schleifmühlgasse 16, in 1040 Vienna, next to the Naschmarkt.

With Love!

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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