Das Powidl – The Great Czech

The restaurant Das Powidl is simply marvelous, since you get true Czech cuisine right in the middle of Vienna. I highly recommend to order the famous Svíčková, a Bohemian Roast Sirloin Beef so popular in Czech Republic, for which you don’t need to be in the Czech Rep. thanks to Vienna’s Das Powidl. You get the Svíčková as it supposed to be.

The staff is friendly and the ambience is rustic-traditional and nice and here you can order many meals from the Czech Cuisine but again try the Svíčková.

Here you see the photos in the slide show:

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As you see in the photo the Svíčková comes in a cream sauce and with extra whipped cream and cranberry marmalade. So the taste of this meat dish is sweet and creamy. Simply divine…

The Bottom Line: Das Powidl, located in the Margaretenstrasse 58, 1050 Wien, is a restaurant you will favor if you are into Czech cuisine like me. Here you get the famous Svíčková, the most popular Czech Roast Sirloin Beef. The interior is traditional and rustic where you can have a really good time.

With Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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