Rani – The Place to Be for Indian Food Lovers

The Rani Restaurant is a great northern Indian Restaurant, and very reasonable when you choose to go to Rani weekdays during lunch time, since the soup and the rice are included in the already very reasonable Chicken Curry deal for 7.50 Euros. The portion is big for lunch menu standards and the meal also features a yogurt sauce and sweet polenta. By the way the soup, at least on my visit, was a lentil soup, but I guess the Rani varies with the soup. There are also other lunch offers which are reasonable.

As for the hotness of the Chicken Curry I would say it’s all relative, but since I don’t like hot dishes, the degree of hotness of the Chicken Curry at Rani is in the lower midrange. I had spicier Chicken Curries but also milder ones. So if you want to have it real hot, you better go for another meal, but don’t expect anything close of a Korma or something, as this Chicken Curry is somewhat spicy, as it is supposed to be. But again as a person who don’t like hot stuff too much, in terms of hotness I found Rani’s Chicken Curry definitely bearable and delicious in a slightly hot way.

Inside the Rani the interior is quite impressive, featuring a huge ‘golden’ elephant as well as many nice pictures in Indian folklore style supported by relaxing Indian instrumental music.

The staff is friendly and willing to help and the ambience as well as the composition of colors is very well done and stylish. But have a look for yourself:

And here is the slide show for your convenience:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The Rani, located in the Webgasse 41, 1060 Vienna, is a superb Indian restaurant, if you want to enjoy authentic delicious Indian food for reasonable prices (lunch menu) right next to the Vienna’s famous Mariahilferstrasse shopping street, also called “Mahü” by the Viennese locals, in the 6th district, one of the elegant inner districts.

From Vienna with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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