Coffee Fellows – The Bookstore Café

It is a great idea to have a coffeeshop implemented in a bookstore. Sounds natural, but I knew this fusion concept especially from America, from Santa Monica to be specific, but here in Vienna, ths concept is not that common. So I was glad to find the Coffee Fellows in the Thalia Bookstore, located in the Mariahilferstraße, the heart of Vienna’s shopping street. The atmosphere is great due to the many books in close reach on the same level on the one hand and the many sofa-chairs this coffeeshop provides. So its quite stimulating and comfortable at the same time.

The sandwiches and desserts here are quite American, as you can find it in any big American coffeeshop chain, but in contrast here you get the Austrian Almdudler, this delicious and famous herb lemonade, you only get in Austria. The bagel with cream cheese was also very delicious and the view through the windows onto the crowded Viennese shopping street Mariahilfer Straße, is also quite stimulating if the books alone don’t do it.

But have a look for yourself:

And if you prefer the slide show, here you are:

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The Bottom Line: The Coffee Fellows, located in Mariahilfer Strasse 99, in 1060 Vienna, is part of a chain with coffeeshops all across Europe. But here it feels very nice and comfy to have this coffeshop with all it has to offer right next to the books on the upper level of the popular bookstore Thalia in the center of the crowded shopping street Mariahilfer Strasse close to the city center on Vienna. This place is great to relax from the busy city life while staying in the city.

From Vienna with love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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