Trento Bortolotti – The Ice Cream Parlor in the United Nations Area

Trento Bortolotti is a great Ice Cream Parlor in the vicinity of the United Nations Center of Vienna, also known as UNO City. This shop is run by native Italians from Apulia in Southern Italy. The staff is friendly and willing to help and here you easily can have a chat with the staff about back home in Bella Italia and about Austria for instance. The ice cream this place offers tastes great and there are many flavors to choose from. The variety is remarkable and you can either select your own ice cream scoops or you choose from the many ice cream arrangements here at Trento Bortolotti in Kaisermühlen, in Vienna’s 22nd District, not far from the UNO City, Vienna’s United Nations Center as one of the World’s few UN Centers. Here you are located right in the middle of the Old Danube and the New Danube, where the Blue Danube is split into different river flows, only to reunite after Vienna to one big stream again. The Trento Bortolotti is light and bright also inside, and the patio where we had a seat is located at a big place named Schüttauplatz, built around a church with a chapel inside, which is devoted to the last Austrian-Hungarian Kaiser Karl I..

But see for yourself:

And here you have the slide show:

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The Bottom Line: The Trento Bortolotti, located at the Schüttauplatz 2, in 1220 Vienna, is a nice Italian Ice Cream Parlor not far from the Vienna International Center (United Nations Center – UNO City Vienna), where you get delicious original Italian ice cream in a patio in front of a church.

From Vienna with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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