Zum Straba – A Nice Restaurant at the Alte Donau

Zum Straba is a nice restaurant at the Alte Donau, Vienna’s Old Danube, one branch of several which run through Vienna. This place is located at the same island, where the Vienna International Center is located at, also called UNO City (United Nations Center). The patio of the restaurant Zum Straba is right at the water and refers to the Straßenbahnerbad (tramwaymen bath), from which the name Zum Straba is an abbreviation of. It’s self-service here but, once you get your meals it’s great to enjoy it in the patio. We had some delicious dishes: two Wiener Schnitzel, one with pork meat and the other with turkey, together with mixed salads, as well as the Rindersaftbraten, a roast beef in sauce with bread dumpling and cranberry jam. We had also a Fitness Teller, a salad with stripes of meat on it. As dessert I had Somlauer Nockerl, a Hungarian biscuit with cream, chocolate sauce, and bit of rum, together with a Cappuccino. We also had scalloped ice cream, a hot biscuit surrounding cold ice cream, together with marmalade and cream. And Topfennockerl with Zwetschkenröster was also part of our desserts, meaning sweet cheese dumplings (Topfennockerl) with cream and plum jam (Zwetschkenröster), one of Austria’s famous desserts.

But see for yourself:

And here you have the slide show:

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The Bottom Line: The Zum Straba, located at the Dampfschiffhaufen 7, in 1220 Vienna, is a nice restaurant at the Alte Donau, right at the water. It’s self-service and the food is very delicious. And if you get the chance to sit in the patio, right at the water, seize the opportunity.

From Vienna with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann




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