The AIDA at Sigmund-Freud-Park – A Nice Coffee Shop for Having a Time-Out

Here in the AIDA, established in 1913 and an institution for Vienna’s coffee shops, located at Sigmund-Freud-Park at the Northern edge of Vienna’s city center and on the opposite of the famous University of Vienna, between Schottentor and the Votivkirche, this impressive Habsburger church and a gift from the later Emperor of Mexico Ferdinand Maximilian devoted to his brother Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I for surviving an assassination attempt in 1853, you get a broad variety of goodies of the Austrian Pastry World for a reasonable price and you even can sit in the patio.

Or you can enjoy your coffee and desserts inside, where much is pink, the companies color. The staff is friendly and the service is nice and you can have a time-out from bustling city, write something, read a book or the like, or just enjoying yourself. This place has a nice atmosphere and is not touristic at all, and is more a store where the locals meet for having a good time with delicious coffee and desserts.

You will find much pink inside as pink is the color of the AIDA coffee shop chain with stores all across Vienna. I had a Café Verlängerter with a biscuit filled with yummy marmalade. But see for yourself:

And here is the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: The AIDA at Sigmund-Freud-Park next to Schottentor and University, Währinger Str. 2-4, 1090 Wien, is a great coffee shop with delicious Austrian desserts and all sorts of coffee.

From Vienna with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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