Der Mann der verwöhnt in Helmut-Zilk-Park – Sunny and Nice

“Der Mann der verwöhnt” is a bakery and coffee shop chain in Vienna with long tradition, established in 1860, and here in the Sonnwendviertel I like it the most. On the one hand for its pastries, tarts, cakes, and desserts of all kind, and on the other hand for its location in the Sonnwendviertel, in the big Helmut-Zilk-Park, named after Vienna’s former mayor, right in the middle of this newly erected trendy neighborhood next to the Central Train Station of Vienna, the Wien Hauptbahnhof. This special location on this wide and open park makes this place a very sunny one, where you can enjoy your coffee and dessert, while sitting in the patio of the “Der Mann der verwöhnt”. The pastries and desserts are very delicious and represent the Austrian Pastry World in a good way, as the prices are reasonable and the variety is big.

We had a Powidl-Golatsche, a pastry filled with Plum Jam and Almond Crisps on top of it and a Früchteplunder, a pastry covered with Fruits. For coffee we had a Café Verlängerter and a Cappuccino.

The interior of this place is colorful and the kid’s corner, the comfy seating and even a sofa lounge contributes to the nice atmosphere. But see for yourself:

And here you have the famous slide show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bottom Line: Der Mann der verwöhnt here in Helmut-Zilk-Park in the Sonnwendviertel, this new neighborhood next to the Central Train Station of Vienna, is sunny and nice and features most of the delicacies of the Austrian Pastry World.

From Vienna with Love!
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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